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to the homepage of Dr. Doerr's office for cardiology, vascular, and performance diagnostics.


The officeteam

Our goal is to prevent cardiac infarctions and strokes instead of just curing them. Competence on the field of cardiac and vascular treatment is our central task, which we approach daily in our regional leading center for cardiology, vascular, and performance diagnostics.

Since 1990 we have examined more than 15.000 catheters and several hundred thousand patients overall - those are clear facts.

We treat patients with all health plans since the first day.

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Advanced diagnostic systems

In a neat and air-conditioned ambience we offer advanced diagnostic systems for

  • rest ECG
  • stress ECG
  • long-term ECG
  • biotelemetry
  • vectorcardiography
  • cardiogoniometry
  • apex cardiography (ACG)
  • cadriokymography
  • impendance cardiography (ICG)
  • echocardiography
  • stress echocardiography
  • optimization of pacemakers
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Using the ii-CBC system it is possible to send data of blood pressure, blood sugar and weight alongside with the ECG to a center via mobile phone.

Every patient can assemble his individual monitoring system according to his disorder. As of right now, patients can choose between telemetry system for ECG, blood pressure (upper arm and lower arm), blood sugar and weight (scale).

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Our strengths

Furthermore, our strengths lie within ultrasound examinations of all organ regions and vessels up to cardiac catheters (left heart catheter and right heart catheter) with coronary intervention (PTCA and stent) and 24-7 emergency service for cardiac catheters.